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Convergent by Lumibird


About us

In August 2023, Convergent Photonics became part of the Lumibird Group.

With over 60 years’ experience in manufacturing laser sources for industry, Convergent Photonics offers a full range of high-performance fiber lasers and laser diodes for material processing and medical applications.

These products enrich and perfectly complement the Lumibird laser range.

Products for medical and material processing applications

Our Products

CW Ytterbium Fiber Laser with TERAhertz linewidth, High Power


Medium and high power industrial fiber lasers for material processing

CYFL-TERA HP fiber lasers are designed to deliver the best beam quality and the highest performance in material processing to better suit the customer needs.

These highly efficient and compact Ytterbium fiber lasers, with an output power from 250 W up to 10 kW, guarantee low maintenance operation, high reliability and superior processing performances. They are ideally suited to many different applications such as precision cutting and additive manufacturing, which require the fiber laser to deliver high beam quality with smallest beam spot size and proper power intensity.

These lasers are available in different platforms, depending on their power. All are very easy to integrate into various machine configurations.


Main advantages in installing ytterbium fiber lasers :

  • Simple, compact, maintenance free and robust design
  • High beam quality
  • Flexible laser beam delivery, up to 30 m delivery fiber length
  • High electro-optical efficiency, up to 30% wall-plug efficiency
  • High peak energy in pulsed mode
  • Laser fiber delivery RQB, not water cooled – QBH optionally available
  • Fast modulation
  • Long term power stability, no beam wondering
  • Optimized beam profile for additive manufacturing, or both thin and thick metal cutting and welding

CW Thulium Fiber Laser with TERAhertz linewidth, High Power

Versatile & efficient thulium fiber laser for medical applications.

Thulium fiber laser technology has been recently introduced into the medical world globally as the new revolutionary tool for several surgery applications.

The CTFL-TERA HP is a versatile laser energy source which, compared to other lasers, allows a “mix” of cutting and coagulation, minimizing blood losses. Among its characteristics there is also the superficiality, which allows a precise and respectful surgical approach to the other bodily functions.

The CTFL-TERA HP operates with primary emission wavelength at 1,940 nm, which more closely matches a water absorption peak than that of the holmium laser at 2,100 nm as a consequence shows outstanding tissue ablation rate.

Laboratory tests on synthetic kidney stones have shown that this advanced technology is able to crush and reduce stones in half the time taken by other laser systems, providing excellent results in terms of unblocking (minimising the risk of bleeding) and post-operative irritative symptoms (reducing hospitalisation by 50%).

  • ENDOSCOPIC SURGERY (treatment of BPH and ENT)

Main advantages in installing thulium fiber lasers :

  • Easy to integrate
  • Compact footprint at an eighth of the size of holmium YAG
  • Quieter than holmium YAG generating 50 % less noise (at comparable settings)
  • Easy to maintain vs complex holmium YAG architecture
  • Quicker “dusting” vs holmium YAG
  • Wall plug efficiency > 22% (holmium laser < 9%) match all the requirements for BioMed devices standards
  • Higher surgical effectiveness due to considerable smaller delivery fiber size vs holmium YAG
  • Precise soft tissue cutting with improved hemostasis capability

CW Laser Source in BLUE region

The family of blue lasers dedicated to your processing of highly reflective materials.

CDLS-BLUE is the family of innovative lasers based on BLUE diodes emitting in the visible region (450 nm, blue range) that incorporates all control and power electronics and laser diode cooling devices. It is a compact rack source with a power of up to 350 W, with all safety features, power monitor, control interface via USB port on board, and is directly powered from the mains.

Recently developed, CDLS-BLUE are among the most innovative components on the market, in terms of dimensions, weight and efficiency, and guarantee high performance both in direct material processing applications of high reflectivity materials such as aluminum or copper, and in jewellery applications for precious metals welding.

Furthermore, many other materials (e.g., tissues, plastics, organic matter) show a quite different response to blue light compared to other wavelength which opens new possible use.


Main advantages & key features :

  • 350 W output power
  • Compact platform
  • High precision
  • Versatility for handling different metals such as gold, silver, aluminum and bronze
  • 445 nm output wavelength
  • CW and QCW operation mode
  • Integrated water cooling
  • 400 μm feeding fiber core diameter